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Board of the International "Rombergpark Committee" met at the closing of the "Wehrmachtsausstellung" (army exhibition).

Survivor of the Auschwitz extermination camp Celine van der Hoek: Nazi protesters are contravening the law against the denial of the Holocaust (Auschwitzluege).

The chair of the international "Rombergpark Committee" located in Dortmund/Germany met at the finalising of the exhibition "Crimes of the (German) army - dimensions of the war of annihilation 1941 - 1944" in Dortmund. The exhibtion represented an impressive part of commemorative culture, to which the city of Dortmund is to be congratulated. The generally successful dispute with neo-Nazi disrupters was also welcomed. Although Celine van der Hoek-de-Vries, an Auschwitz survivor from Amsterdam/Netherlands and lon-term active participant of international initiatives, like the Rombergpark Committee, remarked that she does not apprehend how German authorities could fail to use all means available to prevent the disgusting demonstrations by Nazis in Dortmund. "By their denail of the nature of the war of annihilation, commmmitted by the German army, the Nazis are denying the Holocaust. The mass murder of European Jews, Sinti and Roma and millions of Slaves, was part of the Holocaust, the denial of which is forbidden by law in Germany."

The committee is striving to recruit national and international members and called on the young antifascists, who engaged themselves so successfully during the exhibition (of crimes by the Wehrmacht), to continue their work; a platform for which is provided by the IRPK. On their inauguration day: April 8th 2004, the committee will invite participation at a public meeting, at which new members will be welcomed and new results of research of fascist atrocoties in Dortmund will be made public. The resaerch on the Stalags (German POW camps), in- and around Dortmund, to serve as a warning against new atrocities was emphasised. It was regretted that the city of Dortmund was planning to re-construct the "Phoenix lake", but in no word mentioned what was to become of the authentic "Auffanglager" (reception camp) Hermannstrasse, which was located at the Thyssen-Krupp ground in Hoerde. It was emphazised that the memory of those who had been detained and murdered at this location, should not be sacrified for the profit-orientated real estate business.

The Committee will continue its international work and will apply for membership in the International Patronage of Resistance (FIR). It is intendet to advertise for a European criterion of antifascist- and peace promoting positions within the European Constitution. The current statements within the proposed constitution, pertaining to war and peace, represent an orientation on armament und miltiary solutions to conflicts. The proposals were, so-far, very disappointing. It is essential that such matters were discussed publicly.

The International Rombergpark Committee in Dortmund consists of members from all countries from which victims of the GeStaPo (the Nazi secret state police) genocide returned to Dortmund at the end of the war 1945.

Internationales Rombergpark-Komitee e.V.

President: Dr. Antoni Slupik, Warschau - Vicepräesident: Joop Smid, Utrecht

Secretary's Office: Gisa Marschefski, Caesariusstr. 3, 44309 Dortmund, T. 0231-25 85 45